The Benefits Of Botox At A Young Age

Whether you call it botulinum toxin type A, onabotulinumtoxinA or Botox, they mean the same thing. Botox is developed from a type of bacteria that causes botulism. It has been used for decades by movie stars and other celebrities as an anti-ageing technique. So, how does Botox work and helps if you start using Botox at an early age rather than waiting until you get older? In this article, I will talk about this.

What causes wrinkles: wrinkles are caused by ongoing muscle activity. Do you know that we create wrinkles on our skin every time we express any kind of expression? Whether you make an angry expression or a frown, you are creating wrinkles around the eyebrows, face and forehead. The same goes for the smile that should be healthy for our body! Make any kind of expression and your muscle is pulled.

Every time the muscle is pulled, the skin is bent. In other words, it is the contraction of the muscles that makes wrinkles appear and if we can get some kind of muscle relaxant that can prevent our muscles from contracting automatically every time we smile or do any other kind of expression, well then these wrinkles would not appear never. This type of muscular activity occurs several times a day with or without our knowledge, causing the appearance of small wrinkles. We may not be able to see them until we age because these wrinkles become noticeable only with ageing.

How Botox works: suppose an accident occurs, your hand is seriously injured and you have to spend weeks with your arm in a cast. This, in turn, causes a reduction in muscle activity around that area, causing the muscles in that area to shrink. Well, Botox works in a similar way. As we age, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on the skin, lips and eyes. By blocking the nerve action in the muscles, which automatically interrupts muscle activity in that particular area (this muscle activity is what causes wrinkles in the first place, as I discussed earlier), Botox helps hide these wrinkles. The frequency with which you need to use Botox depends on many factors, including genetic ones. For some people, they must use Botox regularly; for others, they should only use it for a certain period of time after which it may not be necessary to use Botox. I would suggest consulting a doctor before starting to use Botox.

Helps if you start using Botox in advance?: Recent studies have shown that if you start using Botox at age 20, these wrinkles may not appear when you get old. Well, different people have different opinions on this. Below we list the opinions of some of the well-known doctors out there:

a) Every time you make any kind of expression, your skin shrivels. Over time, permanent scars and wrinkles develop. By using Botox from an early age you will be able to prevent the appearance of these wrinkles in your old age

b) We conducted a case study on a pair of twins who followed the same type of lifestyle. One of them was injected with Botox; at a later stage in their lives, that girl had fewer wrinkles in her skin than her twin sister who didn't receive Botox treatment! So yes, I would say that the early use of Botox can actually prevent the appearance of wrinkles!

c) There are two types of wrinkles: static and dynamic. Static wrinkles appear when you are resting, while dynamic ones appear when you make any kind of animated expression, like a smile. Using Botox can definitely help prevent static wrinkles.

I believe it is safe to conclude that the benefits of using Botox at a young age far outweigh the benefits of using it in old age.

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